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Scuba diving center in Thassos Greece

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- The cave. Diving from the boat descending at 8m and following the route to the cave at 17m. There is a penetration of 10 m, which you can enter* it ONLY with our instructors. An easy but yet exciting dive site. Suitable from OW to advanced divers.

*Entering a cave or a cavern must have a special training.

- Cavern Complex is a beautyful site starting from 13m down to 30m and through a rocky bottom ending to four small and large caverns.

- Giola Archangelos and volcano dive sites are not for the heart fainted divers. With a max depth of 100m the spectacle of the amazing blue is quaranteed. Heading to the wall the dive starts with a decent to 20 m and then heading to what is use to be a sub marine hidding place during the WW2. Also for those who wish to experience a decent with no reference point the inactive volcano is the site for you. The dive starts at 30m and we stop at 40m max. as the bottom of the volcano ends at 250m.

- Panagia island is a dive site for all levels. Depending on the weather can provide an ancient wooden wreck dive with many broken pots, a beautiful reef which many claim to be a sinking town, A great calm bay with a max depth of 17 meters. All dives in Panagia island can range from 5m to 30 m and beyond.

- The reef. You will start your decent from the boat, and in 15 meters you meet the first part of the reef which it will lead you to the second part at 30m. A spectacular dive site only for the experienced divers.

- S. Antonio is a dive site reached only by a boat.The site is suitable for those who have the minimum experience but also for the very experienced and most demanding divers. With a depth ranging from 5 meters to 30 meters and beyond, your satisfaction is quaranteed.

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